We pave the path through which your memory
can shine throughout your life.

We pave the path through which your memory can shine throughout your life.

There are approximately 70,000 regulated long-term care facilities in the US.

Nonetheless, many of these seniors suffer from emotional and mental difficulties including loneliness and boredom. However, there has been only few solutions for such difficulties.

Reminiscence therapy is often used as a non-pharmacological interventions to improve such emotional anxiety and prevention of dementia. It is a blissful treatment method that inspires happiness and self-esteem, and stimulates the brain by inducing the subjects to naturally recalled joyous memories of younger years rather than artificially training the brain.

However, in order to achieve the reminiscing of memories effectively, it is necessary to establish villages and streets as well as bring items that can induce the reminiscing of the ambiences of the past by carefully screening them. Accordingly, it costs a substantial amount to establish and maintain such facilities.

Reminiscing past memories only by means of photographs and questionnaire to save cost results in a degraded interest and participation rate of the subjects.

Therefore, we created a VR technology-based reminiscence therapy solution that can transcend the limitations of the physical ability and facilities.

It is possible to revisit the time of the utmost happiness in the lives of elderlies by using VR.
We induce elderlies to recall the moments in their lives they shined most brightly through VR contents in order to activate the brain through linked cognition-deepening learning.
In addition, the health of mind and body is improved along with the improvement of depression through the linked psychological stability breathing program.
This will in turn restore the self-esteem as well as induce the overall improvement of cognitive capabilities.

This is SENTENTS, our smart care solution.

SENTENTS strives to solve aforementioned problems by realizing memory reminiscence therapy with VR technology.

SENTENTS touches all 5 senses

SENTENTS touches
all 5 senses

SENTENTS has actually proven its effectiveness on various sites.

SENTENTS has actually proven its effectiveness on various sites.

I Brain Stimulation Image

I Brain Stimulation Image

Before use

Duringr use

EEG brainwave image of actual user

I Joo**'s test

Stress 33 → 33 (same)
Attention 52 → 61 (17.3% improvement)
Concentration 34 → 39 (14.7% improvement)

I Jang**'s test

Stress 40 → 30 (25.0% reduction)
Attention 60 → 73 (21.7% improvement)
Concentration 38 → 47 (23.7% improvement)

Confirmed benefits of SENTENTS

Confirmed benefits of SENTENTS

I Happiness level



Improvement of sense of happiness
(related to depression)

I Word recall



Improve recognition
(related to dementia)

I Breathing seconds



Pulmonary disease
(related to residual capacity)

SENTENTS, a VR-based reminiscence therapy solution, can provide group care at group facilities, such as senior citizens center, elderly home, hospital and welfare center, etc. And individual homecare through visiting homes of individuals. Moreover, virtual class format care for elderlies situated in locations where the provision of care in person is not possible. Many elderlies have in fact managed to improve their sense of happiness and recognition, and their verbal fluency has also been strengthened through increase in the memory reminiscence words after the use of SENTENTS.

Most importantly, technology that can be utilized in memory reminiscence by storing the memory in the personal digital memorial can even provide the restoration of the self-esteem along with great satisfaction to elderlies for whom not only dementia but also degression, etc. gets aggravated continuously.

It is not difficult to increase the level of happiness and the enhancement of brain activities through the experiences of SENTENTS.

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